Our Story

Ron Stack owner and fabricator of air boom invented the worlds 1st vertical pylon extension the Air Boom way back in 1994. He was a pro wakeboarder and designed a way to get huge air by letting the ski rope pull you up.In the late 1990’s, Air Boom was pioneering and developing some of the 1st wake board towers and later invented the worlds 1st universal adjustable tower. Since then Ron has had several pro hydrofoil titles, been in numerous shows, commercials and magazines and is best known for being the “Jessie James” of wake board towers and accessories!

Air Booms work is miles apart from any other tower company and can only be described as true works of art for your boat!  At Air Boom we have never settled for the “lumber rack look”. Instead we have pushed the envelope to give you a tower that truly functions the way it should, while leaving your neighbors drooling in your driveway.



Towers are only part of the equation. We also manufacture wakeboard racks that rotate, spin and even swivel into the boat, as well as a quick release version. We manufacture wakeboard racks, waterski racks, kneeboard racks, surfboard racks and hydrofoil racks. Air Boom has more variations ands choices than all the other companies combined.

Air boom is a family owned and operated business since 1994 and always strives to put your family’s fun and safety first. All products proudly made in The United States Of America!!!

 Air Boom has pioneered the sport of wakeboarding since 1994 and has continued to push the sport into the future. We also pride ourselves in delivering you the best customer service and same day shipping.